Nasal Packs Nasal Dressing

Nasal Packs Nasal Dressing
Product Description

Nasal Packs Nasal Dressing is most commonly utilized after sinus surgery so as to control bleeding and provide support to tissue. It is known to play an important role in faster & better healing. This dressing is also required to prevent adhesion between mucosal surfaces. It has ability to dissolve hence eliminates chances of painful removal. Nasal Packs Nasal Dressing is made of superior quality PVA sponge for having excellent absorbency and assuring no adverse effects after use. It can easily be applied into nasal cavity and conforms to patient's anatomy for better results. 

Nasal sponge dressing made of soft, absorbent and highly retentive polyvinyl alcohol sponge.The sponge will expand quickly when the dressing contacts with blood or fluid. The expanded sponge provides quick and effective control of epistaxis.

Nasal sponge dressing, there are four types : PVA sponge, PVA sponge with string, PVA sponge with airtube, PVA sponge with gauze and string.


  • Stop bleeding fast
  • Soft  sponge provide uniform support and pressure:
  • Moist dressing, no second damage in removal:
  • Safe, no side effect.
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