PVA Sponge Dressings

PVA Sponge Dressings
Product Description

PVA Sponge Dressings are known to be highly absorbent in nature and finds application for fluid control during surgical procedures. They are made using advanced air expansion technology hence assures their high purity level. These sponge dressings are highly appreciated for being completely sterile and biocompatible in nature and do not cause any toxicity. They are available in different dimensional & structural configurations as required for specific purposes. PVA Sponge Dressings have three-dimensional open cell structure with ability to absorb up to 12 times of their dry weight. They also ensure extremely fast wicking and are easy to insert with optimal positioning inside body.

While most of the products can be produced using a variety of different foam materials, the unique structure of PVA foams provides numerous benefits when absorbency, durability and cleaning ability are the key features.

Unlike polyurethane or cellulose foams where the cells are individual, PVA foam has an open-cell structure. This allows moisture to pass from cell to cell, producing a higher level of absorbency.. While it becomes extremely flexible when wet, creating super soft, non-linting and non-abrasive products, PVA is incredibly durable and hard-wearing. It can last up to six times longer than non-PVA sponge products.
Best quality PVA material with best made techniques.

A perfect replacement of cottons.

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